Cats in winter: tips for free walkers

Most cats are not necessarily enthusiastic about the cold winter. Many outdoor enthusiasts often prefer the warm house instead of defying ice and snow. Whether inside or outside, how to make your free-running cat more comfortable in the cold season with just a few simple steps, read here. Not all outdoor enthusiasts like ice and snow in winter - Image: Shutterstock / Toluk

Cats like it warm in winter, after all, the ancestors of the domestic cat, the fallow cats, come from warmer latitudes. Accordingly, not only domestic cats reject the cold, many outdoor enthusiasts also prefer the more cozy interiors in snow and cold. Then what is there to consider?

Freelancer cat needs employment at home

Freelancers who are no longer outside in the winter but only in the house can suffer from boredom in this environment. Accordingly, these velvet paws should be given variety.

This can happen, for example, with new toys such as fiddle boards, cat fishing or balls. The cats will continue to be mentally and physically supported through employment from their owners.

Comfort in the cold season

If your cat prefers to spend the winter in the cozy, warm house, you can make it even more comfortable by, for example, attaching cozy cat sleeping areas to the heating.

Alternatively, you can also clear the window sills above the heating. This way your velvet paw has a place at the window. From there, you can watch the action outside without freezing.

Keeping the outdoors cat in winter - is that possible?

Kittens should stay in the apartment better in winter because at four months they still have their fluffy baby fur and no undercoat. They are simply not prepared for the cold.

Otherwise there is nothing to be said against healthy cats freewheeling in winter. Freelancers usually have little desire to be locked in the house all day. They also often go outside to defend their territory.

Cat toy for a good mood and against winter fatigue

It is getting colder outside and many room tigers are already suffering from winter tiredness. So that the winter bacon ...

Weather protection in winter

In order to make it more pleasant for these outdoor enthusiasts to fulfill their hunting area duties, a cat flap is suitable here, for example. This offers the free-lancer the opportunity to enter and leave the house as desired - even in winter.

If your cat is also drawn outside in winter, you can also set up a small warming house in the garden or yard. This not only gives your velvet paw a warm, cozy retreat, but also shelter from the cold.

Such a heating hut is available in specialist shops. However, old dog houses or rabbit stables are also suitable, provided they are clean and well padded. It is then important to have good insulation against the cold, both on the walls and on the floor. This is particularly important for at night when the temperatures drop even lower.

Polystyrene and cork boards, for example, provide good insulation against the cold. Fleece blankets keep you warm and are soft and cozy. Additional heating pads provide even more comfort.

Outdoor goers in winter: what else needs to be considered?

Once the winter palace has been set up for your cat, eating and drinking should not be missing. But be careful: It is best not to use metal bowls and ideally get a heated bowl mat. This way the drinking water for your darling cannot freeze.

In winter, many outdoor enthusiasts also find it difficult to do their business outside. Snow, frozen ground or uncomfortable mud prevent them from burying their remains as usual.

Therefore, you should also offer cats that usually do their business in the garden a large, easily accessible litter box in winter.

Cat feeding in winter

Freelancers can use an extra portion of high-quality feed in winter. A layer of winter bacon keeps your cat warm and protects it from the cold. In addition, free-running cats have an increased energy requirement in winter due to the low temperatures.

Nevertheless, make sure that it does not become too much and your cuddly tiger does not become too sluggish. At the latest when it is spring again and the winter bacon is no longer necessary, you should keep an eye on the weight of your cat and see whether it also takes off its warming protective layer again.

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