Teach the dog "space": How to practice it

"Space" is one of the most important commands a dog has to learn. It is easy to explain which steps in dog training you can use to get him to lie down on the floor and linger. "Space" is one of the most important basic commands - Image: Shutterstock / Tasha Karidis

Before you start dog training, you should be aware of a few important basics about the "space" command: Your youngster must master it in any situation and in any exciting environment and then lie down really well. First of all, you have to convey to your four-legged friend what making space actually means.

How to get your dog to lie down

If you want to teach your pet "space", you should work with a lot of praise and positive confirmation. For a large four-legged friend, you can use the following method, for example: You hold the leash on the floor in front of the dog and then place a treat at a distance from the animal. If it lies down to get the snack, the command "place" and much praise with the voice and with pats follow.

You can lure small dogs through a bridge that you form by sitting on the floor and pulling your knees up. A dog snack lies on the floor on one side. To get it, the dog will have to lie down and as soon as he does, he will hear the word "space" and a lot of praise.

Command "space": what's next?

Shortly after the "seat" command, your dog can get up again with the "seat" command. Repeat the exercise over and over again in the next few days so that the command on your four-legged friend is firmly linked to lying down. If it works well, let the fur nose linger a little longer in the lying position and never forget to praise it extensively.

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Start practicing without a leash after a while, giving the command indoors and outdoors. It is important that not only you can make your four-legged friend make room, but also other people. For this, ask friends, family members, and sometimes strangers, to give him the command "space" in between, so that it gradually becomes more and more natural for him.

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