Chic scarves for dogs

The same collar is boring every day - at least some dog owners think so. If your four-legged friend is a real neckerchief, you can add variety to the dog's wardrobe with the colorful accessories and protect the dog from drafts on cold days. Chic neck scarves for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Fly_dragonfly

1. Cute accessory: dog collar with cloth

This pretty dog ​​bandana has a very classic look and is attached to a sturdy leather collar. It is available in the colors red and blue and with two different patterns and comes in six different lengths for dog breeds of different sizes.

2. Customizable dog neckerchief with name

Your dog will be even more distinctive with a customizable bandana. You can determine the scarf and collar color, specify the lettering, choose a motif and much more. This model is also a wonderful gift for other dog lovers!

3. Cloth with reflective name

A reflective bandana is not only chic, it also helps make your dog more visible in the dark. Again, you can choose between different motifs and fonts and have your dog's name applied. The cloth with the reflective film is washable at 30 degrees and available in different colors.

Tips for the right dog collar

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