Small, funny and cute: ten chipmunks

Chipmunks love action. During the day they dig tunnels, romp around and collect nuts. And how cute they look! "Hey, can I get something too?" Two sweet chipmunks - Image: Shutterstock / stock_shot Picnic? A sweet chipmunk is not too fine for snapshots either - Image: Shutterstock / KellyNelson Brave: Little chipmunk on a big tour! - Image: Shutterstock / Margaret M Stewart Not afraid of water, this sweet chipmunk - Image: Shutterstock / robag

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  • person

    19-05-2014 08:05:08

    mauricekuhne: Unfortunately I don't like chipmunks. No more than squirrels. The animals are weird in a weird way. Report abuse
  • 16-04-2014 21:04:17

    barbel scarf: Süüüüß. Chipmunks are just super cute. I would love to keep one like that at home. Report abuse
  • 01-04-2014 22:04:12

    biancasturmer16: What cute chubby cheeks the little chipmunk has. That is very dear to look at. Report abuse
  • 20-02-2014 22:02:53

    sabineschul: Oh how cute. Chipmunks are one of my favorite animals. It's a shame that you only see them so rarely. Report abuse
  • 20-02-2014 13:02:20

    johannesgebel92: Cute! Chipmunks remind me a lot of hamsters. Do the animals hibernate? I notice that I haven't seen one in a long time. Report abuse
  • 05-02-2014 11:02:07

    erikaeberle: Süssssssssssssssss the two. Report abuse

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