The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Dog

I am the proud owner of two beautiful Dachshunds, who have both grown up to be very social and well-behaved.

Trained Dogs Are Happy Dogs

I have been a happy dog owner for many years now. My two Dachshund mixes came to me when they were only 45 days old and have grown up to be two well-behaved, beautiful, and very social dogs. They are now eight years old and are still as active as they were when they were only three years old. They have brought me nothing but happiness and helped me through the most difficult times.

Before you consider getting a dog, please be aware that it is not an easy task to raise and train well-behaved dogs. They are like little kids when they are young and they don't know what's right and what's wrong. It's your responsibility to teach them and have the patience to do so. They cannot just be discarded like used clothing if they don't "work". And if you really want a dog, you have to realize that he'll be yours for the next 10-20 years.

Here are the pros and cons of dog ownership.


  1. Dogs are fun. They play with you and will run with you.
  2. Dogs are loyal. They wouldn’t ever betray you. They'll follow you everywhere, protect you, and don’t ask for much in return.
  3. Dogs will help you get exercise at least twice a day. Through regular exercise, you can lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and decrease your risk of diabetes.
  4. A dog is not only a pet but a best friend at the same time. Research shows that dog owners fared better when it came to depression, loneliness, disease, self-esteem, meaningful existence, stress, and activity.
  5. Dogs are great family members and have the above-mentioned positive effects on the whole family.
  6. Your dog might not be dangerous, but by simply barking, he can keep away a burglar who might think of entering your house.


  1. Time commitment. A dog is not happy if he doesn’t have daily exercise and can only do his business in the backyard or at the street corner. That is why it is harder to have a dog, especially a big one, inside the city. Dogs need to run, enjoy their freedom, and use their noses in a natural surrounding. So if you don’t live close to a park, forest, or another green area, you should consider not getting a dog.
  2. Cost. You need to buy dog food, go to the vet at least once a year (provided your dog is healthy), and pay a kennel when you go on vacation. Dog kennels are not cheap.
  3. Be aware that whenever you go on a trip, even if it is only for a couple of days, you will need someone to watch your dog. Whether a close relative, a friend, or a dog kennel, it needs to be someone who has at least some knowledge about dogs and how to take care of them.
  4. Training is a commitment. Some people don’t like it if dogs jump on them, especially when their paws are wet or dirty, and it is always useful when a dog is trained to sit. Dogs should get to know limits like what is their food and what is ours, which areas (like the couch or the bed) are off-limits and most important of all, their business has to be done outside (the latter requires a lot of time and patience and needs to be taught from the very beginning to avoid raising a problem dog).

What to Consider Before a Purchase

Before choosing a dog, an appropriate amount of research needs to be done about the different breeds' behaviors, likes, and dislikes. Dogs can be as different as cars; you have the Porsches as well as the Smarts: Porsche drivers won't be happy driving a Smart car (and vice-versa). There are dogs who like water, others who enjoy digging, and still others who love to run long distances.

Consider whether you prefer getting a dog from a breeder or an animal shelter. Animal shelters are full of furballs looking for a loving home.

With proper research, you can be sure to find the dog that is suited to your lifestyle and whose needs will be satisfied in your home.

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You forgot to mention that now a days when you walk your dog, you are required, as a responsible pet owner, to pick up your dog's poop and Carry it with you until you drop it in an appropriate disposal unit.

This may or may not be something you are willing to do.

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An amazing blog. Every dog owner should know about the advantages and disadvantages of having a dog. While owning a dog is a wonderful experience, just make sure you're prepared for the responsibility. Before really purchasing a dog, consider fostering one for a half a month to get the feel for what kind of schedule you'll have to keep.

And if you're ready to welcome a four-legged, wagging tail into your heart, Pet Parents Brand is one of the best pet store which will help you pick the best accessories for your dog.

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You bring up a lot of good points, especially that people should consider the pros and cons before bringing a pet into their home.

Though, I have to say that I don't necessarily agree with your input about owning a dog if you live in the city. I live in Brooklyn and have two large breed dogs. They are extremely well cared for, walked multiple times a day, socialized with the many other dogs we come across on our walks and are very happy pups. While it may seem like dogs cannot thrive in an urban environment, that's not always the case. Pet ownership shouldn't be a privilege only for those who live in rural areas with sprawling lawns. From my own experience, that's not necessary to a long and happy life for dogs :)

Thank you again for sharing and I hope others consider your suggestions for deciding what is right for their family!

uanea on October 27, 2014:

I lve dogs because they loyal, intelligent, devotion and affection are increibly rewarding . For dog owners nothing could be more enjoyable than a long walk with their best friendon a fresh windy morning , but caring for a dog is lot of work

Pros of Spaying Dogs

1. Prevention of unwanted pregnancy

Spaying and neutering helps your dog from getting pregnant. It helps in avoiding the complications that comes when the process of pregnancy starts. Neutering helps in reducing aggressive tendencies towards other dogs from developing. Spaying and neutering is a very responsible way to prevent accidental breeding resulting in unwanted puppies.

2. Prevention of diseases

Neutering dogs appears to remove or completely eliminate for so many diseases including some cancers and infections which could be fatal. For example: – Since the uterus and ovaries are removed in a traditional spay, spayed females are not at a risk for pyometra, uterine cancer or ovarian cancers. Similarly, neutered males are prevented from ever developing testicular cancer as the testicles are removed in the process.

3. Highly cost-effective

The cost of your pet’s spay/neuter surgery is a lot lesser than the cost of having and caring for an offspring. Neutered dogs are not on the hunt for a mate, so there is less chance of him/her wandering off in search of his/her next mate. Also, it undoubtedly beats the price of treatment when your unneutered dog runs away and gets into fights with the neighborhood stray dogs.

4. Cleaner and Calmer

One of the advantages of spaying is preventing your dog from being in heat. By spaying your pet, you don’t have to worry anymore about bloody discharges, which can stain your furniture, carpet, and the whole house. On the other hand, dogs are naturally protective of their territory. They will guard it against any “unfriendly” visitor. Some male dogs are seen to be overly aggressive, especially when they encounter with other male dogs. The neutering process reduces these behaviors. It also reduces the aggressiveness that is seen in the dog over time without reducing their desire to move and be playful every day.

5. Reduction of behavioral issues

You might have noticed the dog’s need to lift his leg and spray. Often a dog will even mark his territory inside your home. Neutering your male dog will help reducing his obsession with this behavior. After neutering your dog, this also helps in scaling back his sexual desires. He is also less likely to hump other pets or objects. It will also help to keep your dog from chasing a female in heat. And by spaying your female canine you won’t have to worry when leaving her alone in the yard or when taking her for walks. She will also be so much cleaner, calmer and an affectionate dog, according to veterinarians.

The health benefits and risks of pet ownership

There's a reason dogs are dubbed man's best friend. Dogs—and cats, too—make wonderful companions and provide many emotional and physical benefits. "I'm a believer in the beneficial effects of having a pet, and I'm impressed with the ability of dogs in particular to form bonds with human beings. I think the science is starting to support their special ability to do that," says psychiatrist Dr. Greg Fricchione, director of the Harvard-affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. However, there are a number of considerations to mull over before adding a pet to your household.

• Cleaning the ears and plucking Cleaning the ears is a normal feature of dog grooming. You will learn to clean ears with the appropriate ear cleaner and cotton swabs. You will also learn to inspect ears during the pre-grooming consultation. This starts with a visual check – and a sniff. The ear should look clean, pink and healthy.

People are able to have good relationships with pit bulls though. Children are really able to open up and share their emotions with with the dogs and pet them for affection and touch (Melanie). “The children also read to the dogs and become stronger readers” says Melanie (Melanie). They can be loving animals and it's great if you get to have that relationship with them. They are very brave, smart, and loyal dogs so they will be very obedient towards their owner (Palmer).

Pros of Pets in the Workplace

Having pets in the office has been shown to reduce stress and make employees feel more relaxed and comfortable. A pet-friendly workplace tends to increase employee satisfaction and to improve morale. Pets are also a point of common interest that can help to promote an atmosphere of teamwork and communication—they are a great vehicle for social interaction.

Allowing owners to bring their pets to work also provides a significant financial benefit—it eliminates the additional costs of doggie daycare or dog walking services for employees who work long hours or commute a significant distance from their home each day. Daycare or walking services can be quite costly, so this can be an excellent perk for a pet-owning employee.

Allowing pets in the office can boost a customer’s perception of the business. Most customers have a positive reaction when they are offered a chance to interact with an employee’s pet, and it can help them to relax and enjoy their visit to the business. Having pets in the office also tends to soften the company’s image and makes a business seem more progressive and forward thinking.

Allowing pets in the office can be a great recruiting tool for potential hires and for retaining employees long-term.

Employees of pet-friendly businesses tend to work longer hours and have fewer absences. They don’t have to worry about rushing home to let the dog out or staying home to watch a pet that may be feeling under the weather.

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