Dog massage becomes fashionable in the United States

While the pet market has become absolutely heated over the past decade, a number of new services for animals have been introduced to tutors who seek the welfare of their pets at all costs. Spas with special baths for the relaxation of dogs (in addition to various aesthetic treatments) are already part of the routine of many who make use of the luxury services offered by the segment, and those who are part of the luxurious universe of dogs can already celebrate another ally : the massage in dogs.

Increasingly popular in the United States, the massage for dogs it does not gain space only in the world of luxury for animals, since its main purpose is to take care of the health of these four-legged friends, offering more quality of life and well-being to dogs of all breeds and sizes.

According to therapists who have been providing this type of service, dog massages are effective both to speed up and improve recovery processes in older dogs and to serve younger dogs as a way of preventing problems in the future, since is able to improve circulation, flexibility and even immunity of the animal.

However, at the same time that those working with massage on dogs defend their benefits, there are those who oppose the realization of this type of therapy in the way that it is being done, because, as it is a form of veterinary medicine, the technique requires training and a specific authorization to be practiced. The American Veterinary Medicine Association is one of the entities that advocates the need for a license to practice the service.

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Lasting between 30 and 40 minutes, the canine massage session is usually held at the pet guardian's home, but can also be requested at hotels and even at the pet owner's work environment. Exploring the relaxation of the massage itself, the therapist also uses new age music as a tool to further increase the feeling of rest.

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