Knut goes America: Luna is the new polar bear star

Knut goes America: Luna is the new polar bear star

Knut is back - well, at least a little: The Buffalo Zoo in the US state of New York has a new favorite: The just three-month-old polar bear baby Luna enchants the world and is to become the face of a donation campaign. The proceeds are to be invested in a new arctic center in the zoo.

This is where stuffed animal dreams come true: The cute three-month-old polar bear baby Luna is the attraction of the Buffalo Zoo. The birth of the small ball of wool with the cute black button eyes is something very special for the zoo. Adult polar bears can no longer be found there.

But that should change now, because the zoo is planning to build a new Arctic center in order to offer Luna and her animal polar friends a species-appropriate atmosphere. And this is where the cute baby polar bear Luna comes in: Because to finance the $ 18 million new building, the zoo still has to raise the remaining $ 4 million.

Knut goes America: Luna awakens memories

As the new face of the zoo, the cute baby polar bear Luna is to help launch new donation campaigns to make the Arctic Center a reality. The cute little bear brings back memories of Knut. The Berlin polar bear became a worldwide media phenomenon after its birth and caused unprecedented growth in visitors to the Berlin Zoo.

Luna got her current name because she was born on a full moon day. But it doesn't have to stay that way: Visitors can make new name suggestions on the official Facebook page of the Buffalo Zoo.

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