Marcin Różalski "Różal" - the winner of the 2019 "Heart for Animals" plebiscite!

On Monday, May 27, at the Bellotto Hotel in Warsaw, the 16th edition of the "Heart for Animals" gala was hosted by Marzena Rogalska.

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The 16th edition of the "Heart for Animals" gala is behind us. Internet users decided that the prestigious award belongs to Marcin Różalski, but everyone is the winner.

The statuette "Heart for Animals" belongs to all this year's nominees. Therefore, it will be put up for auction. On the other hand, the income from its sale will be allocated to the charity of each of the honored - decided, without hiding his emotions, the winner of this year's 16th edition of the plebiscite, Marcin Różalski "Różal".

The auction will be conducted through the website of the "Help to help" campaign, established by the athlete. By taking part in it, each of us can show our great heart to animals in need.

Through the votes of readers and Internet users, this year's laurel went to Marcin Różalski, the ambassador of the AST Foundation, who uses his recognition to engage in charity. Mr. Marcin received the "Heart for Animals" statuette for his persistent improvement in the fate of animals, his extraordinary love for pit bulls and the creation of the "Help to help" campaign. An athlete associated with the KSW federation is the creator of the "Help to help" campaign. Together with his partner, Marta Kwiatkowska, he created a friendly asylum for many animals. Including 6 dogs, 12 cats, 3 goats and 32 horses.

Help help! - this year's laureate of the "Heart for Animals" appeals

I would like to thank you for the award. It is an honor that I was among such respected people like you that I could take part in the action with such a long tradition. I am a person recognizable in the media thanks to my sports achievements, mainly in the KSW federation. At some point I matured and realized how much good you can do when you are a recognizable person. That is why I am trying to use it - said the winner.

He also mentioned the other participants of the plebiscite:

There are wonderful people here, vets who spend their entire lives saving animals. I just don't do such hard work as these people. However, I try to use my image in the media and, thanks to my partner, Marta, help as much as possible. I think we manage to do it, many people have found out how much power our campaign "Help to help" has - commented the winner.

The statuette depicting a woman carrying a golden heart and the accompanying dog was collected by Edyta Herbuś, a dancer and actress involved in many animal actions, privately the happy owner of the Maltese Stokrotka and an adopted mutt named Tuwim.

It is a great joy for me to be here today. On such a beautiful evening, full of wonderful people who unite in the noblest qualities, which are good, sensitivity, empathy and unconditional love. All the nominees showed how much good can be done for animals. This year's winner is a special man whose attitude breaks all stereotypes, which shows that real power comes from the heart - said Edyta Herbuś during the evening.

Record amount of pet food - 1.5 tons of Purina

This year, NESTLÉ PURINA was the main partner of the 16th edition of the plebiscite and gala for the tenth time. During the gala, they donated 1.5 tons of feed for the nominees. Which - so far - is a record, because no one has yet donated such a huge amount.

Bank Pekao SA was also a partner of the gala. It is an institution that not only engages in activities to protect the bison, but also financially supports the Society for the Protection of Animals. Volunteers from Bank Pekao SA also organize donations and fundraisers.

The 16th edition of the gala could not take place without the Society for the Care of Animals in Poland. Last year, TOZ carried out almost 9,000 interventions, runs 15 shelters in Poland, and cares for over 10,000 animals.

16-year campaign with a message

The gala's originator, Paulina Król, spoke about the history of the gala to date.

The "Heart for Animals" plebiscite has a beautiful and long tradition. Fulfilling his message for 16 years, we strive to appreciate those who do something good for animals in various ways. Those who can be role models. And there are more and more of them! The novelist Gustaw Flaubert wrote that "the heart is a wealth that cannot be sold or bought, but which is offered".

Each year, during this special evening, we distinguish all those of you who offer their hearts to help animals, beings dependent on us, people. The attitude of people like you, full of kindness and empathy for animals, opens the hearts of others. On the other hand, I give our smaller brothers hope that they will improve their not always easy fate - emphasized Paulina Król, editor-in-chief of, a great lover of animals.

Paulina Król noted that each of the eight nominees is a winner, although there is only one laureate. She also emphasized that simply being among the nominees in the poll may be a reason to be proud. This year, internet users cast a total of nearly half a million votes! The rank of the award is also evidenced by the participation in the gala crowning the poll of many famous people who love animals. Kasia Moś and Kuba Badach performed on stage for all the guests, especially the nominees. They performed, among others, the song "Przecież", to which music was composed by Kuba Badach, and lyrics were written by Artur Andrus. The piece, entirely for charity, was created as part of the "Zerwijmy chains" campaign, also conducted by the portal. She draws attention to the problem of keeping dogs permanently on chains.

There is only one winner? Not here!

The 16th edition of the plebiscite was full of many surprises. During this year's gala, two other nominees were also awarded. Ms. Ewa Bieniek, for her involvement in the fight against homelessness of pets, received a beautiful pen with a personal dedication from the First Lady of the Republic of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, the honorary patron of the gala. On the other hand, the teenage Eryk Sieroń was given boxing gloves by Marcin Różalski. For many years, the boy, apart from animals, has been passionate about boxing. A gift from "Różal" was a unique and touching surprise for him.

The 16th edition of the gala attracted animal lovers

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The "Heart for Animals" gala, as usual, gathered a large group of those who are not indifferent to the fate of animals. Among the lovers of pets were theater, film and television actors - incl. Grażyna Szapołowska, Julia Wróblewska, Agnieszka Perepeczko. The gala was also attended by famous singers and composers - such as the aforementioned Kasia Moś and Kuba Badach, as well as Ania Wyszkoni and mezzo-soprano Izabela Kopeć. There were also politicians: Katarzyna Maria Piekarska, the winner of the first edition of the plebiscite, and MP Janusz Szewczak. There were also journalists: Anna Popek, Łukasz Sobolewski, Marek Król.

The 16th edition of the "Heart for Animals" plebiscite was held on Monday, May 27 in Warsaw at the Bellotto Hotel, a dog-friendly place. As every year, the event was hosted by, and this year's gala was hosted by Marzena Rogalska.


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