Katarzyna Dowbor and Yeager

I like when my cat ... says hello to me like a dog at the door of a house.

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My cat is ... beautiful wise and loved.

My cat's name is ... Yeager, because… so decided the breeder.

I got a cat ... my daughter got from her dad.

My cat likes the most ... cuddling, eating and us - your family.

I like my cat ... he greets me like a dog at the door of a house.

I envy my cat ... sense of security.

We have in common with my cat ... thoughts.

The happy cat is ... purring cat.

People who like cats ... smart people good people.

Cat's music is ... way of communicating.

I tear up cats most often ... I do not tear.

At the sight of a black cat ... I admire its beauty.

Most often they turn the cat with its tail ... weak people.

Why not a dog? There is both a dog and a cat and they all live in friendship.

If I didn't have a cat ... it is not possible.

If I were a cat ... I would be happy.

Video: Czy Katarzyna Dowbor spłaci nasze długi? - u Dowborów

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