Asheras - The most expensive cats in the world

If you search for images of the Asheras breed you will find a huge cat and very similar to most wild, beautiful and dangerous cats that no one can have at home. That's the news: you can't have a leopard at home for obvious reasons (like the size of the animal, the fact that it is wild, carnivorous and so many other dangerous for the owner and the leopard), but you may have a very similar cat!

There are some other issues that make it difficult for anyone to have this beautiful cat at home: if you want to have an Ashera, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money, maybe even sell a car or property because Asheras has an average price of 40 thousand reais. And this is a low price, if you consider the work for the creation of this breed of felines.

THE Asheras breed was created genetically by an American named Simon Brodie, along with teams of geneticists in the United States. They were sponsored by the company Lifestyle Pets, which is known exactly for creating new breeds of cats, including cats that do not cause allergies in humans.

After many tests and crossbreeding, Simon and his team managed to create a cat that had wild characteristics, but that could live among people, be domesticated and so on. They eat like any cat, with the right food (not to give meat to the kittens thinking they have a leopard at home). Another care when creating the breed was also to make them more domesticable, without pulling on the aggressive side of their wild ancestors.

Ashera cats are considered playful, affectionate and have a lot of energy, in addition to being very intelligent, they get along with both children and adults. They can easily be cats that live well with children.

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In addition to being expensive and exotic, asheras cats they are also heavy and large, reaching up to 15 kilos and a meter in length, which makes them enter the queue of the most expensive cats in the world and that of giant cats as well.


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