A strong character: the Mastino Napoletano

As strong and majestic as the appearance of the Mastino Napoletano is, so is its character. Many of its properties benefit him for his frequent use as a guard or guard dog. Watchful and with a strong protective instinct: The Napoletano Mastino - Image: Shutterstock / VKarlov

A large, strong dog with such a strong protective instinct as the Mastino Napoletano may not be in the hands of beginners, but it shows itself to be reliable and loyal with good, professional dog training and appropriate husbandry.

Mastino Napoletano and its properties

Usually the Mastino Napoletano shows its calm and relaxed nature. But he is also well aware of his strength. So that he never comes up with the idea of ​​proving it, it is important that he has experienced a very early and good socialization and the order of rank between him and his owners has been clearly clarified.

If you dare to bring him up well, you will experience him as a gentle and affectionate family dog, but you also have a wonderful guard or guard dog in the self-confident animal: If you feel responsible for something, the four-legged friend would do everything to protect it, no matter whether it is its owner or a property.

Reliable character depends on conditions

In principle, aggression and bitterness are not part of the nature of this large Italian dog breed. As with any other dog, only a very good socialization and upbringing, a species-appropriate attitude and treatment guarantee that it is absolutely reliable as a pet.

Mastino Napoletano: A big, strong dog

The very clever animal learns quickly and is adept at tasks that require its intelligence. Overall, it is a versatile, interesting but not suitable dog for everyone.

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