Forest, the Wheelchair Cat, Rolls Into Social Media Fame

Forest the cat’s life did not start out with great promise. Found on the street dragging himself behind his mother and siblings, a kind stranger picked up the disabled kitten and brought him to All Valley Animal Care Center in Meridian, Idaho, reported Jenny Sung of Global News. There, his fortunes quickly turned around as you can see in the video below.

According to an interview by Phillip Mlynar from Caster Magazine, though the clinic did all they could to restore his ability to walk, they determined that Forest had neurological problems that would prevent him from using his legs. The next step to give Forest mobility was a wheelchair. Though Forest can get around by dragging his back limbs, the wheelchair allows him to run, chase toys, and charm everyone at the clinic! In his snazzy purple and green rig, Forest looks like a cat all stretched out – very long and lean. Mylnar reported that Forest “seems to have developed the technique of managing to finagle his hind left leg into some sort of a brake mechanism.”

All Valley Animal Hospital has been inundated with emails, calls and adoption applications from hopeful families spanning several states, reports Global News. Forest’s profile on the hospital website describes him as “most unusual, intelligent and entertaining.”

Though there is significant interest in adopting Forest, the clinic wants to ensure that they find a family that will be able to manage a pet with special needs. “A lot of people see a really cute cat in a wheelchair and want to jump on that opportunity to take him,” clinic veterinarian Abbey Burgess is quoted as saying on Global News. “But he is going to require a lot of extra work,” including socializing and Forest’s inability to use a litter box. “He generally does his business near a floor drain,” said LaRae Richards, Director of Marketing at the clinic.

With a little additional care and consideration, Forest would be a great addition to any family that would enjoy an active cat with an unbroken spirit. The Dodo Facebook page featured Forest’s story, which has garnered love, attention and over 8,000 “Likes” from as far away as South Africa.

Maybe Forest and TurboRoo, a pup who also has fancy new wheels, can go for a stroll sometime!

If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian -- they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

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Check out the top 10 pet-friendly universities in 2018.

10. Sweet Briar College

You can’t bring along your furry, scaly or feathery BFF to this gorgeous Virginia campus, but you can bring your horse. Sweet Briar College sets the standard for collegiate riding with their awardwinning equestrian program that values all riders, from beginner to advanced. “[The riding program] provides the horses with top notch care and attention,” Sweet Briar College sophomore Lily Peterson said. “Students also have the opportunity to bring their own horse at a reasonable cost or ride quality school-owned horses every day.” Only a mile from Sweet Briar’s main quad, the Rogers Riding Center offers one spectacular outdoor classroom. Field riding courses and trail riding are just a few memorable ways to take advantage of this living laboratory. With about 3,250 acres dedicated to horses, 18 miles of trails in diverse terrain, many open fields and indoor and outdoor rings, you just might enjoy your best bud’s living quarters more than your dorm.

9. State University of New York at Canton

The State University of New York, Canton has a special home for animals of all stripes. Although residence halls don’t allow dogs in the Pet Wing, other pets like cats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, turtles and fish make can become your new favorite roommate. “The pets we all had definitely helped us bond with everyone,” recent graduate Brittni Zack said. “You could be walking around to get your cat from someone’s room and then suddenly you have a new friend.” Part of the university’s goal of promoting a family-like atmosphere is to allow cats to roam freely in the wing and organize activities like “cat yoga” which is exactly what you’d expect..

8. University of Connecticut

Don’t have your own furry friend to cuddle? Visit the on-campus animal barns at the University of Connecticut in Mansfield, Connecticut to explore and learn more about the 1,000+ animals, like cows, horses and sheep, that are cared for right in your backyard. If that doesn’t make your tail wag, consider joining Paws and Claws to meet other pet owners raising money for local animal shelters, or one of the 12 other animal-related club, like the equestrian team or pre-vet club. Interested in making your pet passion a career? UCONN offers an Animal Science major with concentrations like Equine Science, Animal Biotechnology, Pre Vet and more.

7. Washington and Jefferson College

Share your dorm space and graduation fame with your furry pal at this Pennsylvania campus. With tiny caps and tiny gowns, well-behaved pets can walk the stage and even receive their own diploma during commencement. Washington and Jefferson’s love for pets isn’t all pomp and circumstance, either. Bring your family pet as a plus one in Monroe Hall, a.k.a. the Pet House, and head out to the dorm’s large lawn, where you can catch a breath of fresh air while Cooper chases his tail. The low-temp Pennsylvanian climate makes the perfect community for quick mid-winter playtime and provides a great opportunity for meeting other puppy pals and neighbors.

6. Johnson and Wales University

At this small liberal arts school, back to school shopping can mean picking up pet supplies in addition to an extra pack of loose leaf paper and light jacket. Before 40-degree weather blows over for the winter, head off to the shore for a day of fun in the sun with your companion at Compass Rose Beach, or one of the many dog beaches and countless other dog parks close to campus. Along with dogs, JWU permits rabbits, chinchillas and other exotic pets in Harborside Village, Harborview, Renaissance and Snowden Hall for you and your barking bestie to hunker down.

5. University of Northern Colorado

Looks like the University of Northern Colorado caught Fido fever. In hopes of bridging the gap between the home and the heart, this suburban Colorado campus allows students to bring a piece of home with them. Lawrenson Hall allows dogs and cats to live on three of its dormitory floors on campus. With the Rockies visible from your dorm room window, how could you not spend a little time outside? Although the Greeley area has a strict ban on dogs in parks and major outdoor destinations, you and your furry friend can still get plenty of fresh mountain air at one of the 11 dog friendly parks that surround campus. With so many options, you don’t have to scratch your head on where to take your best friend for a game of fetch.

4. Stetson University

Sometimes even your pets need to let loose. And Stetson’s warm weather makes anytime a good time for a quick game of frisbee at Stetson Cove on-campus dog park. Chat with other pet owners at one of the parks, or join Providing Animals With Service (PAWS), a service organization on campus that dedicates itself to helping animals. But, what about pets in dorms? Stetson says, “Heck, yes!” A variety of pets (even Dino the Duck that wears a diaper) are allowed in two of the on-campus residence halls, Nemec and Stetson Cove. “Having my pup so excited when I come home from class or practice is just a great confidence boost that gets me through the day,” Stetson University sophomore Molly Kelly said. Kelly proves that campus critters are a doggone good way to relax. report this ad

3. Lees-McRae College

Not only are students at Lees-McRae allowed to bring pets to live on campus, but faculty, staff, and students are also encouraged to bring their pets almost anywhere–even class. “It’s an amazing feeling when you’re walking around campus and you pet a dog, or sometimes a cat, and you see a few dogs playing together while their owners do homework, ” Lees-McRae senior Jerica Mayberry said. Who said pet-friendly living limits you to just one residence hall? Baldwin Hall, Bentley Hall, McMillan Hall, and on-campus apartments and houses all cater to students who may need companionship of the four-legged variety. When you don’t have class or a study sesh, grab your leash and explore the many pet-friendly trails and parks surrounding campus with a view from the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.

2. Stephens College

Can’t bear the thought of leaving your pet at home? No worries. Stephens College has extended the welcome mat to students’ pets for more than 10 years. Combining standard dorm amenities with a pet-friendly policy, Searcy Hall, also known as “Pet Central”, has a doggy daycare center for your fur baby when you have to make a run to class. “Being an out-of-state student, my pup helped me adjust to a new place,” Stephens College freshman Hailey Ehr said. “She forced me to straighten out my schedule and remain organized, so I have time for her.” Unable to bring a pet from home? Stephens College created a foster program so you can still have the advantages of coming home to a wagging tail. You can reward it with a quick doggy treat from the president’s office when you get back to your dorm.

1. Eckerd College

Eckerd College lives by the philosophy that students should bring a part of home with them. An extensive list of animals can reside in 14 of the residential halls. Your next-door neighbor could be Bella the chocolate lab or even Daffy the duck. Eckerd designated pet owners and non-owners alike to the Pet Life Staff to make sure students follow the guidelines outlined for their pets. “Meeting all the other cool pets on campus, like hedgehogs, snakes, ferrets, rabbits, lizards and even spiders is a one-of-a-kind experience,” Eckerd College freshman Sonny Schoenhoft said. Eckerd even holds an honorary graduation ceremony each spring where each pet shakes hands, or paws, and receives a “diploma” from the college president. How do you get a tiny cap to stay on a hedgehog’s head, you ask? Just use a bit of string.

Forest, the Wheelchair Cat, Rolls Into Social Media Fame - pets

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Sweet Dog Names


Choosing a name for your new canine companion is an enjoyable but important part of pet ownership, with a great variety of names to choose from. Some people may choose to name their pets after a family member or friend while others may choose from the names of favorite characters in books, movies, or television. Another good way to pick a name for your dog is to choose a name that has a specific meaning or connotation, often a trait or quality that we see in our dogs or that we value. For this purpose, names related to sweetness can be a great source of inspiration.

Sweet Dog Names in Pop Culture

Sweet names seem to be very popular names to give to rescued dogs and many of them turn out to be exceptional animals. Jasmine, named after the sweet smelling flowers that the plant produces, was found starving and filthy in a shed in 2003 and taken to the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary. With their help not only did Jasmine survive, but she became a surrogate mother to dozens of injured, ill, and orphaned animals at the sanctuary, including foxes, rabbits, badger cubs, and even a fawn named Bramble. Sugar was rescued from the streets of Oakland as a six-month-old pup and brought to Huntington Beach where her she was taught to ride a surfboard. Since then Sugar has become a surfing superstar, bringing home nine trophies, winning the International Surfing Championships twice, and even being inducted into the International Dog surfing hall of fame.

Then there is Dulce, a dog found on the streets of Tijuana struggling to survive with a paralyzed back. Dulce’s rescuer, Ruth Ann, was told that euthanasia was the best course of action, but she simply could not give up on the little dog. Now, with daily massages and back stretches, along with water therapy and a specialized back brace, Dulce not only won Instagram’s “Best Rescue Oscar” in 2015, but she is also walking and running. Mango, a tiny dog with a crushed spine, was also slated for euthanasia when she was rescued from the shelter by Emma’s Cleft Palate Chihuahua Rescue and nursed back to health and given a canine wheelchair. She is now a therapy dog, helping veterans who are recuperating from their own injuries.

When Michael Bosch adopted a five-month-old English Cocker Spaniel and named her Honey he thought he was rescuing her, but it turns out she would be the one doing the rescuing. Just two weeks after bringing the pup home Michael and Honey started out on a drive but when Michael misjudged a corner, the SUV tumbled down a ravine, flipping over five times and landing on the top, trapping them inside with Michael hanging upside down, his legs pinned by a tree. With no other option available, he pushed the puppy through a hole in the windshield and told her to go get help, not really expecting her to understand. Honey knew just what to do. She traversed half a mile of thick forest and bramble, then ran another quarter mile to the nearest neighbor’s home to get help, and led them back to the scene of the accident, where they contacted a rescue crew to extract Michael from the car, saving his life.

Sweet Dog Name Considerations

Picking a new name for your dog is an important early task of pet ownership. Not only will you be saying and hearing their name on a daily basis, you may also be writing it on forms, putting it in social media posts, or even yelling it across a busy dog park. A name that is difficult for you or other household members to pronounce consistently may confuse your new canine while a name that your dog naturally responds to may improve the efficiency of training. If you have already decided to use a name that is related to sweetness that still leaves many options open for naming your pet, particularly as sweetness can refer to a number of things. Some people are more likely to associate sweetness with fruity flavors, choosing names like Mango, Jujube, or Cherry, while others think to the sweetness of chocolate, leaning towards names like Cocoa, Cadbury, or Godiva. Sweetness, however, is not always a flavor. Sweet scents can provide a great deal of inspiration for dog names as well, encouraging more floral names like Magnolia, Sunsprite, or Cosmos. Some pet parents may choose a name that includes sweetness in the definition like Jarah, Esti, or Vevina, or a name that is actually the word for sweet or sweetness in another language, such as Doux, Magus, or Misti.

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