Petting zones: what cats and dogs want

Whether cat or dog: extensive pats are at the top of the favorites list for four-legged friends. "Maps" of petting zones are currently circulating on Facebook and numerous forums. It shows exactly where the cat or dog would prefer to be petted. This reveals astonishing, if not really serious, differences. A cat's petting zones. A little bit of truth is there - Picture:

A cat's petting zones. A little bit of truth is there - Picture: Dogs really like it everywhere: petting zones in dogs - Image:

Cats love to be petted, but not on every part of the body. On this so-called "petting chart", which we discovered on the picture blog "", you can see exactly where the velvet paws prefer to be petted. The pelvic bones on the cat's hump are therefore the absolute highlight during the Kraussessions, whereas the belly is one of the no-gos. Some cat friends will surely disagree vigorously, because who has not seen it before, that its room tiger willingly lies on its back to be scratched on the belly. But you shouldn't take the petting map very seriously either.

Sticheln: Dogs like it everywhere

Dog owners do not have to be so careful: they do not expect claws to pop out, which may leave scratches or scratches because they may have scratched in the wrong place. Why? This shows us the "petting chart" for dogs, which is now also circulating on the World Wide Web in response to the cat card. For this, the user TheNormalMan at "" made the effort to enter the petting zones of the dog - with the result: dogs just love it everywhere. But here, too, the opinions of dog owners certainly differ widely.

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