Clumsy penguins: be careful, slippery!

Clumsy penguins: be careful, slippery!

The cute penguins in this video have something in common: it's just too slippery for them. Trip, slide and tumble is the order of the day when these funny seabirds are out and about. They should actually be able to cope with extreme weather conditions.

Don't you sometimes feel like these penguins too: smoothness through snow and ice or an unforeseen trip hazard - and that's it. The finish is rarely more, but usually less elegant, and you hope that nobody has seen it. Animals are often more skilled than humans, but these clumsy candidates are a small exception. Luckily, the cute penguins are so well padded by their fat layer that not much can happen to them when they slip. Maybe that's why they are sometimes a little inattentive?

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