Needs a lot of exercise: the Galgo Espanol

If you want to offer the Galgo Espanol a nice home, there are a few things to keep in mind: the sporty dog ​​needs a lot of space outside to run, and a loving family connection inside. Lightning-fast dog with a hunting instinct: The Galgo Espanol - Image: Shutterstock / tsik

If it is well utilized, the Galgo Espanol is a real treasure of gold. Quiet, cozy and affectionate, he is hardly noticeable in the house or apartment and is a very easy-care family member. Keeping him in the apartment shouldn't be a problem and those who have children will have a loyal, loving and patient play partner for them in the Galgo Espanol. Family connection is generally very important, because the cute dog loves its owner more than anything.

Galgo Espanol: A dog with a lot of need for exercise

If you want to buy a dog of this breed, you need a suitable area where the dog can meet his great need for exercise every day. Simply walking on a leash is not enough for the sporty four-legged friend, he must be able to run properly, at least for short distances, because that is in his nature. You can take it with you on a bike or while jogging - no wonder that it goes well with sporty, active dog lovers. Visits to one of the many dog ​​beaches or even to the racetrack are a wonderful opportunity for him to really stretch his legs.

Sociable and equipped with a hunting instinct

Playing and maintaining his social contacts are very important for the Galgo Espanol. Anyone who keeps two dogs or arranges a trip with his dog friends will delight the sociable four-legged friend. His hunting instinct requires careful owners and an impeccable upbringing - not letting him run free would be a difficult-to-accept limitation for the four-legged friend.

Galgo Espanol: Spanish, sporty, beautiful

The short, thin fur of the galgo only needs to be brushed from time to time, that of the rough-haired version a little more often. In cold and wet conditions, the southern four-legged friend can freeze - a warm dog coat is usually a worthwhile purchase for a representative of this breed of dog.

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