"Environmental Enrichment": Improving the living environment for cats

The technical term "Enviromental Enrichment" describes a method to make the living environment for your cat more species-appropriate. Translated, it means something like "enrichment of the environment". Enviromental enrichment ensures that your velvet paw feels even more comfortable in your care. A beautiful scratching post for climbing, claw sharpening and playing contributes a lot to "Environmental Enrichment" - Shutterstock / Krzysztof Smejlis

Enviromental enrichment can represent a significant improvement in their living conditions, especially for indoor cats. Because the house tigers lead a life in their four walls that is distant from their natural behavior - bed, table and sofa cannot be compared to forest and meadow, and regular feeding by their human owner is not like hunting for prey. Life in "captivity" leads to behavioral disorders in some cats, which you can prevent with Enviromental Enrichment.

How does Enviromental Enrichment work?

You can improve your cat's living conditions by starting to take a close look at the surroundings of your four-legged friend. Above all, it is about whether there are five main conditions that are essential for a happy cat life. The five questions you should ask yourself are:

1. Does my cat feel safe and protected by its food and water bowls and on its litter box? If it eats or relieves itself, a cat should be able to do these activities in a relaxed manner and not be exposed to stress.

2. Does my cat have the opportunity to climb, sharpen its claws and hide? For all this, a wild cat has trees - so you should treat your house tiger to a great scratching post and climbing opportunities.

3. Can I offer my cat a routine? If she is fed at the same time every day and her owners leave or come home at the same time, a cat will feel safe and relaxed. The more structured you make your everyday life, the less stress you cause your velvet paws.

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4. Does my cat get enough interesting stimuli? Cats have excellent eyes and ears - these senses need to be challenged. Make sure that your velvet paw can look out the window or have the opportunity to watch you in your daily household chores, talk to her and don't forget to keep your pet busy with games and pats every day.

5. Does my cat have enough company? Most indoor cats feel more comfortable in society than alone. A multi-cat household makes sense, especially if you, the owner, are away from work for a long time. In cases where cats do not get on with their peers, it is particularly important that you as the owner take a lot of time to interact with your house tiger.

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